Fuel Cell Power for Today’s Material Handling Equipment.

In today’s evolving material handling industry, operational performance enhancements are key to growing a thriving business. And, the predictability of your productivity can be the main differentiator separating you from your competition. Plug Power’s GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell systems elevate lift and distribution operations. Your sit-down counterbalanced trucks will more pallets faster, as time spent dealing with depleted batteries is no eliminated.

Tested. Proven. Rugged. Reliable. GenDrive has accumulated over 20 million operating hours at customer sites across North America. The standardized suite of Gen Drive products are an economically viable power solution designed to steamline operations and maximize fleet uptime, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at your facility.

Powerful Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
    • Higher throughput per shift
  • Lower Operational Costs
    • Eliminate battery change out
  • More Operational Space
    • Battery rooms eliminated
  • Reduce Site Emissions
    • Safe, clean, zero emission power sources
  • Significantly Reduce Peak Power Demand
    • Demands for high-cost electricity eliminated


Fuel Cell Hybrid System

Our proven combination of fuel cell stack and advanced power management technology balances the need from rapid acceleration with operational efficiency, while generating zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Simplified System Platform and Electrical Architecture

GenDrive is designed with simplixity in mind. Platform design drives common parts, ensuring interchangeability between models, simplofying services and maximizing uptime.

GenDrive runs better than a fully-charged battery, 24×7. The unit’s constant voltage provides less wear and tear on the truck’s electronics, reducing maintenance costs.

Hydrogen Storage System

GenDrive holds enough fuel to sustain a counterbalanced truck for an entire 8 hour shift. Fueled in approximately 3 minutes, GenDrive reduces vehicle and personnel downtime. All GenDrive units run at the same operating pressure, simplifying your hydrogen infrastructure.

System Controller

GenDrive’s ability to communicate with your lift truck helps monitor fuel cell stack and system performance to optimize output, support effective planned mainenance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Unit Size and Electrical Connector

GenDrive is designed to fit seamlessly into the truck’s existing battery compartment and comes equipped with the industry standard Anderson truck connector of your choice.

Freeze Capability

The power provided by GenDrive remains superior in freezer applications. unlike lead-acid batteries, which deplete even faster in extremly low temperatures, the fuel cell units maintain constant performance in environments as low as -22F.



Nominal Voltage 36
Dimensions (L” xW” xH”)* 38.3″ x 20.25″ x 30.75″
Weight(lbs) 2600
Operating Temp (F) -22 – 104
Hydrogen Storage (kg) 1.1
Pressure 350 bar
Fill Time < 3 min

*Additional dimensions available upon request. For supplementary product specs please visit.plugpower.com.
Specifications subject to change without notice. information based on standard products working under normal operating conditions.

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